“Fancy Pants” Official Guitar Music Video

Music by Tobias Mertens
Programming by Tobias Mertens
All recordings by Tobias Mertens @ tmmusic-homestudio, 2017
Music produced by Tobias Mertens

Video production by Simon Heydorn
Directed and edited by Simon Heydorn
Produced by Simon Heydorn & Tobias Mertens
Film Assistent Na Bar

Guitar sounds produced by Boss GT-100, Boss SY-300

Tobias is endorsed by Ibanez Guitars & Bass, D’addario Strings, Roland V-Drums, Roland & Boss Guitar Effects, Pedals, Synthezisers and Amplifiers, Meinl Cymbals, Tama Drums, Evans Drumheads, Audix Microphones and Rohema Drumsticks.

This video is featuring the new Ibanez Iron Label in the colour “Surreal Blue Burst” (RGDIX7MPB)